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The NAVY Daily — Monday, December 11, 2017

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    더 네이비 매거진 The NAVY Magazine이 고른 데일리 뉴스 Daily News. 전통적인 잡지 magazine와 신문 newspaper, 뉴 미디어 new media를 가리지 않고, 가볍게 읽는 단신 뉴스부터 꼼꼼히 읽을 가치가 있는 뉴스를 골라 독자들에게 전합니다(영어 기사 번역은 ‘크롬 Chrome‘브라우저를 추천합니다).

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    미국 더블유 매거진 W Magazine US이 고른 1990년대 유르겐 텔러 Juergen Teller 사진들.

A Pale, Teenaged Gisele and More '90s Models From Juergen Teller's "Go-Sees"

The photographer Juergen Teller's now legendary series "Go-Sees," of all the models who dropped by his studio from 1998 to 1999, includes a teenaged Gisele.

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    기어 패트롤 Gear Patrol 매거진이 만난 나카무라 히로키 Nakamura Hiroki. 비즈빔 Visvim의 첫 미국 매장을 어떻게 만들었는지 인터뷰했다.

Visvim's Southwestern Roots

From Issue Five of Gear Patrol Magazine. Discounted domestic shipping + 15% off in theGP store for new subscribers. n the high desert of New Mexico, steep mountains rise from plains covered in sagebrush and pinyon pines. The terrain is captivating and unique, a muse of countless artists and creatives over the last century.

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    미국의 저명한 패션 비평가 캐시 혼 Cathy Horyn이 패션 학교 학생들이 만드는 잡지 원 그래너리 1 Granary와 대담을 나눴다. “패션의 역사를 보세요. 아무도 다른 사람을 따라서 만들지 않았어요 Look at the history of fashion. Nobody has ever made it by following somebody else.” 여러모로 아주 훌륭한 잡지.

Cathy Horyn: 'I Support People Who Have Guts'

LONDON, United Kingdom - It's not easy to have longevity, in any career, but Cathy Horyn pulls it off neatly. The industry's most respected critic has significantly impacted the lives of many: writers, designers, and all others who make the industry go round and round.

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    스니커즈 sneakers 마니아들에게도 유명한 미국 예술가 톰 삭스 Tom Sachs가 미국 아트 바젤 마이애미 Art Basel Miami에서 ‘의자 chair‘를 공개했다.

Tom Sachs's Unveils His Wavy New Furniture at Art Basel Miami

Contemporary American artist, Tom Sachs, has revealed an array of fantastical new furniture designs via Instagram, which are now available for viewing by the public attendees at this year's Art Basel in Miami. Which is taking place this weekend.

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    꼴레뜨 colette의 마지막 협업 collaboration생로랑 Saint Laurent Paris과 함께. 2017년 12월 20일까지.

YSL + Colette For the Iconic Store's Final Collaboration

First opening in 1997, Paris concept store Colette is officially closing next month, on 20 December. Over the past 20 years, the shop has teamed up with countless artists, designers and fashion houses for special collections, and the final one is with...

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